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Tim Denning – Mastering Twitter for Ultimate Success

Troy Ericson – Master the Email List Management Certification Program

Are you tired of the feast-or-famine cycle as a copywriter? Join Troy Ericson’s revolutionary Email List Management Certification Program and transform your career. Learn how to generate record-breaking revenue for clients or employers, with monthly earnings reaching $20k, $50k, or even $100k+.

Let’s face the harsh reality of copywriting:

  • Fierce competition: You constantly compete against highly qualified writers for limited job opportunities, hoping to be chosen, but often facing disappointment.
  • Negotiating challenges: Clients often try to negotiate your rates or prefer hourly payments, making it difficult to establish fair compensation terms.
  • Payment uncertainties: Full upfront payments are rare, leaving you unsure if you’ll receive timely and complete compensation.
  • Endless revisions: Clients frequently request numerous revisions, sometimes for insignificant changes, resulting in time-consuming back-and-forth communication and additional favors.
  • Payment delays: Following up on payment becomes a hassle, as clients avoid giving clear answers, leaving you uncertain about when and if you’ll be paid.
  • Lack of performance insights: You never learn how your copy performs, preventing you from earning revenue share even if your work delivers exceptional results.
  • Client inconsistency: Even successful projects often lead to long gaps before clients require your services again, forcing you to invest significant time in securing new clients.

Break free from this cycle and gain stability in your copywriting career. Troy Ericson’s Email List Management Certification Program empowers you to generate over $5,360,000 in business revenue over the past three years.

By mastering email list management, you’ll discover a more sustainable and lucrative path:

  • Achieve financial stability: Experience consistent and substantial monthly earnings that exceed industry norms.
  • Unlock upfront payments: Establish terms that ensure fair compensation before commencing work.
  • Streamline revisions: Minimize unnecessary revisions, saving time and energy for more productive tasks.
  • Expedite payment processes: Receive prompt and transparent compensation for your valuable contributions.
  • Access performance insights: Understand how your copy performs, enabling you to capitalize on revenue-sharing opportunities.
  • Cultivate long-term partnerships: Create lasting relationships with clients who consistently require your expertise, reducing the need for constant client hunting.

Embrace the Email List Management Certification Program and revolutionize your copywriting career. Say goodbye to financial uncertainties and hello to a thriving and fulfilling professional journey. Enroll today and unlock the secrets to sustainable success.

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