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Free Download Strategyzer – Strategyzer Online Academy

The Strategyzer Online Academy is an educational platform that provides a variety of courses and resources for individuals and organizations interested in learning about business strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

The academy offers courses designed by Strategyzer, a company founded by Alexander Osterwalder, who is known for his work on the Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas. The courses aim to help individuals and teams develop and implement effective business strategies, create innovative business models, and improve their overall entrepreneurial skills.

The Strategyzer Online Academy offers a range of courses, from introductory programs to advanced workshops. These courses typically include video lessons, case studies, interactive exercises, and other learning materials. They cover topics such as business modeling, value proposition design, customer development, prototyping, testing, and scaling business ideas.

The Strategyzer Online Academy offers highly valuable innovation training that rivals the practical skills you acquire during an MBA program. The training covers a range of essential topics and provides hands-on learning experiences.

The “Mastering Business Models” course teaches you how to design and evaluate successful business models. You’ll become proficient in utilizing the widely adopted Business Model Canvas, employed by over 5 million business professionals. The course focuses on transforming theoretical discussions into tangible outcomes and enhancing collaboration among globally dispersed teams.

In the “Mastering Value Propositions” course, you’ll learn the art of creating compelling value propositions that drive sales. This involves mapping the value your product or service offers to fulfill the needs, challenges, and desires of your customers. You’ll discover effective messaging strategies and gain insights on achieving product-market fit using the Value Proposition Canvas.

The “Mastering Business Testing” course equips you with the skills to validate and test your business ideas with real customers. It presents a practical and systematic approach to minimize risks associated with your ideas. Additionally, the course facilitates the establishment of a shared language for testing within your organization. By integrating the Business Model and Value Proposition Canvases, you can effectively de-risk your ideas.

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