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Free Download Ning Li & Austin Lee – Zero to $6K

Copy and Paste This 7-Sentence Email to Land Your First High-Paying Client… Skyrocket Your Copywriting Income Past $6,000 a Month…

Experience the life-changing remote working lifestyle in as little as 8 weeks with our step-by-step blueprint from complete beginner to success.

This client-closing template has achieved a success rate of 31 out of 36 among the copywriting students we’ve taught.

It enabled our founder to leave his PhD studying elephant seals and become the chief copywriter at PaleoHacks, a multimillion-dollar health company.

Today, it can be the missing link you need to launch your freelance copywriting career, even without experience or connections.

Dear Freelance Copywriter,

Are you ready for a bold claim? Let me prove my psychic abilities by reading your mind.

You’ve devoured copywriting blogs and books, explored courses, and maybe even acquired a few clients. Yet, making actual money and scaling your income remain elusive.

But fear not, because I’m here to reveal a step-by-step system that will take you from a copywriting beginner to earning up to $6,000 a month in just 8 weeks.

Believe it or not, as a freelance copywriter, one email can change your life. A single high-quality client saying “Yes, I’ll hire you” can instantly transform your finances and future.

You may believe this reality is far from your grasp, but I assure you it’s not.

With the template I’m about to share, even a beginner copywriter can achieve remarkable results in just two short months. And I have the proof to back it up.

It works, regardless of whether you’ve never landed a client or have zero connections. It outshines previous copywriting courses that left you stagnant. It even triumphs over countless unanswered messages to potential clients.

Moreover, our system thrives in any economic condition. With more people than ever seeking online purchases, the demand for effective copy is sky-high.

Our proven system empowers beginner copywriters to secure high-paying clients using simple, copy-and-paste email templates. This approach has achieved success for 31 out of 36 copywriting students we’ve taught.

Since January 2017, we’ve coached an exclusive group of 36 copywriters as part of Derek Johanson’s CopyHour Certified Coaching Program. These students, like you, began with minimal experience.

Yet, in a remarkably short period, their lives underwent a complete transformation.

Take Joel B. from Denver, for example. He joined our coaching program in 2017 without ever having written a sales page. By the program’s end, he had completed a $500 sales page and secured a $2,000 project.

Within a month, using our precise templates, he landed a $5,000 project. Today, he works with a premier copywriting agency, crafting content for prominent names like Agora Financial and Investing Daily.

You have the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of these successful students and achieve the copywriting career of your dreams.

Are you ready to take the leap and unlock your full potential as a freelance copywriter?

Sign up now to access our proven system and start your transformative journey today.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

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