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Free Download Dickie Bush – Ship 30 for 30

Dickie Bush’s “Ship 30 for 30” is a unique writing program designed to help individuals develop a consistent writing habit and improve their communication skills. The program, led by Dickie Bush, a writer, entrepreneur, and community builder, provides participants with a structured framework to write and ship 30 concise essays in 30 days.

The concept behind “Ship 30 for 30” is to help individuals overcome the challenges and barriers that often hinder consistent writing practice. By committing to writing and publishing short essays regularly, participants develop discipline, hone their writing skills, and build confidence in sharing their ideas with the world.

Here are the key elements covered in Dickie Bush’s “Ship 30 for 30”:

  1. Writing Process and Framework: The program begins by introducing participants to a proven writing process and framework. Dickie Bush provides guidance on generating ideas, structuring essays, and crafting engaging and concise content. The framework helps participants streamline their writing process and overcome writer’s block.
  2. Accountability and Community: “Ship 30 for 30” emphasizes the importance of accountability and community support. Participants join a supportive community of fellow writers who share their progress, offer feedback, and provide encouragement. This aspect fosters a sense of accountability and camaraderie, making the writing journey more enjoyable and motivating.
  3. Feedback and Iteration: The program encourages participants to seek and provide feedback on their essays. Dickie Bush emphasizes the value of constructive criticism in refining writing skills and encourages participants to iterate on their work based on feedback received. This iterative process helps participants improve their writing style, clarity, and overall effectiveness.
  4. Consistency and Shipping: The core principle of “Ship 30 for 30” is consistency. Participants commit to writing and publishing one essay every day for 30 consecutive days. This practice helps individuals develop discipline, overcome perfectionism, and build a portfolio of completed work. The emphasis on shipping, or publishing, the essays encourages participants to overcome the fear of sharing their writing and become comfortable with putting their ideas out

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